45, David Kondrad Set To Face Judge Harry Ness. On Assault Of Two 9 Year Old Girls

David Kondrad Arrest

Man Who Sexually Assaults His Female Daughter’s Friends During Sleepovers For Two Years Caught

It has been lately learnt that a man has been arraigned in police custody, after being found guilty of sexually assaulting two 9 year old girls for a period of time said to have been over two years now. The suspect 45 year old, Newberry Township resident, David Anthony Kondrad was arrested by officers after one of the girls summoned the courage to make known the assault which has continued for a long time.

David Anthony Kondrad according to one of the girls who happened to be a friend to the daughter of the suspect, said the 45 year old committed this evil act during sleepovers at his residence a report from the has disclosed at the time of reporting.

The Newberry Township Police began their investigation after they received an allegation on December 12th, 2021, of a kind of related child sexual assault, when the girls told investigators that the suspect inappropriately and repeatedly touched them, and they both explain that this happens when playing in their friend’s bedroom, who happened to be the suspect’s daughter, on account of the girls, we were made to understand that he does this while his daughter was present even in the same room.

And according to further claims from the girls, they made it known that the suspect told them to keep it a secret asking one of the girls if she portrays such act alone at home.

David Anthony Kondrad’s formal arraignment is scheduled for March 4, 2022, as he would be made to stand before Judge Harry M. Ness., we gathered that he was granted a release on $50,000 bail, pending the date of the hearing of the both sides by the court of law.

We advise that parents keep and monitor the movement of their wards most especially the female ones, so as to avoid any form of sexual assault on them.

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