30 Y.O. Lauren Sampson, Senior Attorney at Lawyers for Civil Rights Has Passed Away

Lauren Sampson Death

Lauren Sampson Death – Obituary,  Racial Injustice Advocate Lauren Sampson Is Dead

We have learnt from the official page of the Lawyers for civil rights of the sudden and unexpected passing away of Lauren Sampson, the Senior Attorney at Lawyers for Civil Rights, who reportedly bid friends and family farewell on Sunday in Cambridge, MA. at a very young age of 30 years.

Deceased Lauren before her sudden demise was already a distinguished civil rights attorney, she also was a prominent community leader, as she joined LCR in 2018. Then as a junior attorney, Lauren consistently impressed colleagues at LCR and the legal community with her legal talent, as she reportedly played a leading role in numerous lawsuits over the last three years.

Words aren’t enough to encapsulate Lauren’s legacy, as she was such an exceptional person, who had accomplished beyond her years, in her days she elected for the prestigious 2020-2021 Public Interest Leadership Program (PILP) of the Boston Bar Association, and recently taught “Race Relations and the Law” at Boston College Law School

She was a friend and an inspiration to her LCR family. Many LCR staff members considered Lauren a big sister, someone who always made herself available for her peers professionally and personally. Lauren was an educator in the classroom and, to the benefit of many, felt duty-bound to share her knowledge and passion of the law. Her light, presence, wit, and humor captivated all around her, whether for the purpose of fierce advocacy or fabulous storytelling.

Lauren who was developing a course on Literature and the Law, was more than a colleague, as she was so courageous, creative and compassionate. She also was amazingly funny, thoughtful, and brilliant, she advocated and contributed so much to LCR’s mission in combating racial injustice and inequity, and will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

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