22 Year Old Deputy Is Found Dead In Horrible Home Fire Outbreak

Savanna Puckett Death

Deputy Savanna Puckett Death, Deputy Savanna Puckett Cause Of Death

It is greatly saddening that Deputy Savanna Puckett, aged 22, was found shot and murdered in cold blood inside of her burning home on Sunday the 23rd of January 2022 in Tennessee, at night. Further investigation is said to be ongoing presently, after the deputy was found shot according to information which reached Robertson County Sheriff’s Office on the above mentioned date.

Officials made it clear that Puckett was scheduled to resume work at exactly 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, but it was so unfortunate that she never showed up at work. Due to the inability capture Puckett, an entirely different deputy decided to zoom to her home which is located at Highway 41N in Springfield to check up on her well being.

On arrival of the deputy, they discovered that Puckett’s home was already on fire. All efforts from the official to get inside the home proved futile due to the intensity of the fire outbreak which ravaged the home, before the arrival of firefighters a short time later, they were able to make their way inside the home, where they reportedly found Puckett murdered with a gunshot wound.

We send condolences to the family and friends of the deceased, we share in their grief and agony, we ask that God grants them the fortitude to bear the great loss of Deputy Savanna Puckett, She was indeed a woman of peace and will be greatly missed by all who knew or ever came across her.

”Officials say Deputy Savanna Puckett was scheduled to work at 5:00 p.m. Sunday but she never showed up for her shift. After being unable to get ahold of Puckett, another deputy decided to drive to her home near Highway 41N in Springfield to check up on her. When the deputy arrived, they found Puckett’s home engulfed in flames. The deputy tried to get inside the home but was unable to do so because of the intense fire”.

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