17-year old, Stabbed At Madison Avenue Night Club In Rivonia Over The Weekend

Hlompho Mbetse Death – Obituary, 17 Year Old Grade 11 King Edward Pupil Cause Of Death

We have learnt lately of a teenager who was reportedly stabbed to death at Madison Avenue night club in Rivonia over the weekend. It was gathered that, the 17-year old Grade 11 King Edward pupil was said to be an underage, and had gained entry into the nightclub by using a fake identity, and as a result.

According to Madison Avenue statement, Hlompho Mbetse was stabbed outside the nightclub after he was involved in a fight which broke out in the car park of the club house,
according to information gathered, some security personnel intervened and the fight died down, and shortly after, Hlompho Mbetse walked out of car park and down the road.

Reports later had it that he was confronted by another individual entirely, who was not even in the venue, nor has entered the venue, the deceased was attacked at 70 meters from the entrance to the club and stabbed to death. Later on we learnt that an 18-year old was arrested and later charged with the murder of Hlompho Mbetse who according to emergency crew upon arrival on the scene was found lying on the ground with a fatal stab wound to his chest.

As an aftermath of the attack on the juvenile, the nightclub released a statement on its Facebook page, and they expressed their devastation at the unfortunate event.

We extend our thoughts and prayers to Hlompho’s family and friends, we know and feel the anguish they are feeling now and we ask that they be comforted at this difficult time of mourning their beloved. We also learnt that the club will be cooperating with authorities during the investigation on the case.

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